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Contrary to many other countries, Denmark does not have a license or authorization for private investigators or companies registered as private investigators agencies.

It can be difficult to choose a private investigators agency for an assignment. The conception many people have of the industry is often based on media, film, and television. The modern reality is much different.

Often people have never felt the need themselves for hiring a private investigator. When the need occurs, we can give you the following guidelines:

Choose a professional agency with an official company registration number (CVR no.) and a registered business address. The company should also give precise information about industry affinities and be listed in the yellow pages etc.

By choosing a professional private investigators agency you first and foremost make sure that you receive expert assistance. A professional investigator knows how to solve the cases and is fully aware of the meaning of discretion and confidentiality for you and your case. This type of confidentiality is seen in other lines of business such as doctors, accountants, and lawyers.

Make sure to check what associations the agency is a member of. Often, national and international associations operate according to a code of conduct which to a certain extent guide the ethics of their member’s activities and thus acts as a guarantee for professionalism.




According to our code of confidentiality it is not possible for professional investigators agencies to give references. These agencies work in complete confidentiality with the client and this should also cover your case. This is also the reason why a professional agency is prohibited from making its private investigators activities known. It is a guarantee for the discretion of handling your case as well.


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