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How we work: In order to assist you with your case, we will need information and possibly also images. In addition to that, we will ask questions about the case.

The decision of whether or not we accept a specific assignment depends on the respective case and the impression we get of it. We might have to reject assignments though.

Once we have gathered the information required, we will set up a plan on how to carry out the assignment.

During the course of ongoing cases, it’s an advantage if we can stay in touch to coordinate properly.

While the case progresses, we will provide you with written reports on its development. These reports also include documentation by images in digital form.

We won’t do anything without having obtained your consent. You may terminate assignments at any time with immediate effect.

We recommend entering into a mutual confidentiality agreement.

UIP Consult investigators

Both corporate as well as private clients who make use of the services offered by UIP Consult wish to obtain certainty on specific issues and facts.

Consequently, confidentiality is the core of our business and one of the reasons why UIP Consult by now ranks amongst Denmark’s leading private detective and investigation agencies.

High ethical standards

We generally apply high ethical standards and exclusively accept assignments within the ethical codex we have committed to. 

For the individual client, this ensures the professional handling of their case in adherence to all legal and ethical standards.

Locally and globally present

UIP Consult operates on national and international level. Our wide-ranging network enables us to cover all of Denmark as well as most parts of the world. We can thus act quickly – no matter when and where in the world you need to obtain certainty.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at +45 32 71 33 51 for more information.

We have networks in most of the world

UIP Consult is a member of several of the key national and international organizations, the rules of which serve to ensure our professional conduct.

Our team

UIP Consult Aps employs two fulltime investigators as well as 24 freelance special agents and specialists. 

Uffe Bodeholt 
Founder and CEO of UIP Consult with a background in accounting and the auditing/insurance industry.

Uffe trained at Rungstedt Insurance Academy and graduated with an academy degree in commerce and has more than 20 years of experience in the private investigation sector.

Investigator with more than 30 years of experience in police work, both in Denmark and internationally. With background as a criminal assistant for a number of years, the person concerned has great insight into investigation, prosecution and secretarial work. Educated as a leader in Danish police and has worked for a number of years abroad giving advise to local police authorities.

24 Freelance special agents
Spread all over the country, they are for the most part retired politicians but also men and women with other relevant backgrounds.

All have a clean criminal records and all of them have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Cooperating specialists
UIP collaborates with “hardcore” specialists from sectors like IT, handwriting specialists, fingerprints, psychology, medicine, etc.


We unite know-how and experience:
Since 1998 UIP Consult has assumed various detective and investigation jobs for both corporate and private clients. 

Our investigators come from many different fields and amongst others have experience from the police, accounting, insurance, management and corporate development.

For cases that require specific skills from a certain industry, UIP Consult deploys specialized experts. This enables us to guarantee high professional standards in anything we do – no matter which kind of case. Apart from Danish the UIP Consult team speaks English, German and Spanish.

Technology and advanced training.
We keep up with the quick pace of the continuous technological development. Technology is a key component of nearly all the cases UIP Consult is involved in. 

Therefore, we attach great importance to training our investigators regularly in order to ensure they are provided with the best electronic equipment for each respective job.

The cases UIP is engaged with comprise everything from analysis, research, background investigation, technical and manual detection and observation, tracking, tailing, identification of fingerprints and analysis of blood, sperm and (doping) drugs. For futher information, check out our service examples.

Contact us and get certainty

Headquarters in Copenhagen and operational offices in Odense and Viborg, we cover the entire country.

We answer the phone from 9 AM to 6 PM, but during a case we can be contacted around the clock.

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