Code of Ethics

Our work requires us to keep everything that pertains to our clients, even in cases where they have not yet become clients and where we may never work for them, confidential. This means that all the information we obtain before, during and after a case is kept secret, unless we are forced by national law to do otherwise.

Furthermore all of our agents have agreed to complete non-disclosure.

We commit to report the results of our investigations in a non-biased and objective manner and never leave out or improve upon the details of our findings. We will always relay our findings as they are, and not as we might think our clients would want them to be.

In a likewise manner we commit to plan out cases realistically, to look at all the given possibilities within a certain budget, and without fail relay these honestly to our clients. We also accept responsibility to deliver the best possible solution to fulfill our clients’ needs, and given the circumstances, to suggest the optimal solution to the case.

UIP Consult always abides by the law.

Responsibility for case handling
We commit to posses the proper authorizations, licenses, education and knowledge that are necessary – either when commanded by law or by industry best practices – to do our jobs.

Ultimately we cannot be discovered by our subjects. Within that very tight frame of work we will be trained to execute the tasks at hand as discretely as possible.

We will also, if at all possible, keep our clients free of connections to their cases in the eyes of the public and any other interested parties. This extends to visits to our website, which will not leave traces of visits for more than one week at a time.

Conflicts of interest
If a conflict of interest arises in one of our cases we commit to immediately notify our client of it.

Cases we do not accept
UIP Consult does not take cases in which the motive of the client is revenge, and we do not take cases that will make us accomplices to a crime, nor cases in which the client wishes to remain anonymous.

Contact us and get certainty

Headquarters in Copenhagen and operational offices in Odense and Viborg, we cover the entire country.

We answer the phone from 9 AM to 6 PM, but during a case we can be contacted around the clock.

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