Danish and international network

UIP Consult is a member of several of the key national and international organizations, the rules of which serve to ensure our professional conduct.

At the same time, said organization’s members are part of the global network that UIP Consult can make recourse to.

Member: FDDE

The Danish National Association of Private and Business Investigators

Member: WAD and Ambassador

World Association of Detectives

Member: ABI

Association of British Investigators
UIP Consult er officielt godkendt af The Law Society of England & Wales

Member: CII

Council of International Investigators

Member: Intellenet

International Intelligence Network

Associated to IKD

International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives
An international umbrella body consisting of associations of professional investigators and security practitioners throughout the World

Member: IASIU

International Association of Special Investigation Units

Member: IAATI

International Association of Auto Theft Investigators